From fan fiction to best-seller?

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Would you believe it’s AUGUST already? OMGS. Time passes so quickly when you’re procrastinating. LOL.

Oh and you might have heard the news: Fifty Shades of Grey – a book that was born from an erotic fan fiction of the (gasp!) Twilight universe spun by Stephanie Meyers – had outsold all SEVEN of J. K. Rowling’s HARRY POTTER books on Amazon. E. L. James, the author, had effectively cornered the market on “mummy porn” because it contained various exciting scenes of S&M sex between a drop-dead gorgeous rich guy & a impossibly-naive girl.

Now I’ve personally contributed to the author’s obscene million earnings by buying E. L. James’ “steamy” book on Kobo, but far from being intrigued like the “Porn Mummies”, I stop reading Book 1 halfway coz it reminded me too much of Bella and Edward.  You might want to read the reviews on this book, if you don’t understand why there is so much fuss over it. I’m not going to bash it here, coz enough of it had been done around the web. My point to bringing this title is to show you that even a fan fiction can turn out to be a hit with your audience. E. L. James originally wrote it as a fan fiction, but due to its overly erotic content, she re-posted it on her website at FiftyShades.Com and later re-wrote it as an original piece.


The world is bigger than you think

So you might have been writing fan fiction so far and even gotten a lot of positive reviews for it, but have you ever considered moving on from building on other people’s worlds to building one of your own? Sounds daunting, huh? Considering Tolkien not only built Middle Earth from the ground up, he also created the elvish language for it. Heh. Well, you’re not alone. I’m no expert myself and I do struggle with trying to make up a world that will fit my story. In fact, I worry that I may have too few details to lure my readers and I believe that’s a common problem that besets us writers. But build it slowly, no one said you had to build it in an instant. Do your research. Google is an excellent tool to have. Speak to people of various races, inclinations, religious beliefs, gender, hobbies, occupation etc. You’ll be surprised just what are the kind of people you will meet and who will inspire your work.

Why, just the other day, I met a retired doctor who told me all about the joys of watching Harness Racing in Australia. And I’ve never even heard of that sport before I met him. Richard Castle from the ABC dramedy “Castle” even follows a police detective around so he can base his latest book on her! Mukul Deva, a best-selling author from India, also does his research by speaking to people who have the necessary knowledge to further his plot. So really, there is so much to be explored out there in the world out there.

So leave the comfort zone of your fan fiction and write something that truly belongs to you, and not someone else.

PS: Before I forget, I want you guys to read this interview by Bestseller Labs on Lorna Suzuki. She’s the author of IMAGO CHRONICLES, which is also optioned for movie production! Impressive, ne?

Just a finger will do

Most women go gaga over the prospect of a big sexy diamond on their finger. Not this lady. 😡

Instead of a ring, she gets her finger bitten off by her husband instead. Not the whole finger, but the first joint. And the next joint by a certain anniversary, then last not least, the entire finger on the 20th anniversary. I think.

The husband? Oh not to worry, he gets his finger bitten off the same way too.

I don’t know about you, but I will really prefer a ring. 😡

Get your groceries delivered to the door

Check this website out!


It’s a website where you can do your online grocery shopping and get them delivered to your door. Started by a guy who never had enough time to do his grocery shopping. It’s a cool idea but they don’t seem to have as many varieties of a certain product…say body foam as the supermarkets. =/

Follow that luggage~!

I came across this really interesting video by Delta Airlines that follows your luggage from check-in to check-out.

So if you’ve always wondered what happens to your luggage after it goes behind the rubber flaps, this is it. =D

Oh & if you’re someone who aspires to be a published writer, here is a site where you can share your writings, participate in events and stand a chance to win small prizes for your literary efforts! =)

It’s called the Budding Writers League and is apparently set up by 2 good friends who want to see local writing finds its well-deserved spot in the world. So go check it out!

Is there anything good about men?

Whenever the issue of gender inequality comes up up, some people inevitably rise up in arms. So when International Women’s Day rolled around recently, I read with interest a letter written by a 23-year-old female graduate who had just returned to Singapore after a study stint in Australia.

In it, she wrote about how she had always assumed that she has equal opportunity as any Singaporean male. Imagine her surprise when she realised upon applying to NIE to become a teacher that men have higher salaries in comparison to women. For my foreign readers who are not familiar with Singapore, males who have served National Service for 2.5 years are entitled to a higher pay in the public sector so as to make up for their late entry into the workforce. Private sectors, on the other hand, do not really have such distinctions. If I’m not wrong, that is.

This fact, however, doesn’t sit so well with the writer of the aforementioned letter because she firmly believes that women are being discriminated against in a patriarchal society.

Before I offer my views, let me just say upfront that I’m aware and empathise with instances of gender discrimination. I do not approve of sexist practices where women are fired from their jobs because they’re pregnant, where they’re deliberately given lower salaries because they are female or where they are made to suffer because they are assumed to be inferior to their male counterparts.

To be frank, I have always taken for granted the fact that guys have a higher salary because of their National Service stint. It has never bothered me before either because I see it as a fair trade-off for the time they put in to learn how to protect our country. Think of it this way, a girl can enter the workforce straight after graduation but a guy has to spend 2.5 years surviving on a small allowance. Even when he enters the workforce after his mandatory service to his country, he is at least a couple of years behind his female counterpart. Let me do the Math for you:

Let’s say a guy gets $400 allowance per month throughout his 2.5 years of NS, he would have earned:

$400 x 30 months = $12 000

A woman who enters the workforce at the same time her male counterpart (who is the same age) enters NS, assuming she earns $2 000 per month and consistently stays at her job without resignation or retrenchment, excluding any pay increment, bonuses or other miscellaneous benefits:

$2 500 x 30 months = $75 000

You see the HUGE difference? A female literally earns $63 000 more than a male during the same period of time yet certain women are raging about the fact that they earn less than a man. They forget about the fact that by the time their male peers finish serving their mandatory NS, they are at least 2 years ahead of them in terms of promotions or any academic upgrade to secure a better salary.

Granted, there are overwhelming evidence from other countries such as UK and USA that show women earning less than their male counterparts. To date, women in most countries enjoy freer access to quality education and more women are earning the majority of diplomas and degrees in fields where men used to dominate. The question is: since women have had a better start in life than their mothers and grandmothers, why are they still lagging behind in terms of salary, promotions and increments?

The answer lies in this article.  According to it, women and men are indeed different, not just genetically but in motivations. Since eons ago, men have been conditioned to be the breadwinner (aka the hunter) while women are supposed to nurture the family (aka the gatherer). Neither group are inferior to each other because they each fulfill a vital function that kept the society going.

The reason why men appear to be earning more is because they are supposed to. Their main motivation is to provide for the family. Women, on the other hand, dare I say…are not as motivated to provide for the family. Now, before you hardcore feminists throw rotten tomatoes at me, let me just say point you towards this article written by a business writer and a feminist:

I shouldn’t have left the finances to my husband.”

In it, the writer describes how she became overly dependent on her ex-husband financially. Although she does make a living as a writer, her salary was only one-tenth of her ex-husband’s.

At the beginning of each year he gave me a certain amount of cash (we were both too politically savvy to call it an allowance), which, combined with my comparatively low earnings as a writer, funded my life throughout the year.

While her husband kept her updated on all their financial investments and the house’s mortgage that he was financing, the writer was always too tired and too busy from caring for the family to look into them.

…while my husband worked, pursuing a coveted law partnership and spending much of his limited free time researching stocks, retirement vehicles and various high-tech gadgets, I focused on pink-collar work: the kids, grocery shopping, housecleaning, cooking meals, supervising homework, picking up dry cleaning and arranging play dates. My freelance writing career was squeezed into what little space existed between everyone else’s needs. I had little energy left over to request passwords to the mutual fund accounts so I could check on how things were doing, or ponder changing the allocation of our investment portfolio.

The article writer had, unfortunately, fallen into what Colette Dowling describes in her book as the “Cinderella Complex” where women become afraid of being independent. In this case, the article writer had clearly chose not to educate herself about the family finances because women had traditionally not been brought up to talk about money or manage their own. Again, motivations play a huge part here.

The thing that struck me the most was the instance when the writer described her difficulty in getting the mortgage officer to release details of the mortgage account that her ex-husband had passed to her, which she later found out that it wasn’t under her name.

“Why?” I asked him. “Why would we have a mortgage without my name on it?” He paused, then said: “I didn’t need you.”

I don’t know about you, but I personally feel that it’s quite humiliating.

Another reason why women could possibly be making less than their counterparts is this: they are choosing to opt out. They are highly educated but they are choosing their families over their high flying careers or well-paid jobs. Of course, I’m not saying that it’s shameful to choose one’s family over career. After all, as Ang Fung Fung (KPMG) said in a recent interview, “what it means by balance to you may not be the same to me.”

Everyone’s idea of “balance” is different. Everyone’s idea of adding value is different, and that’s where motivations, again come into play. Women may choose jobs that pay them less than men, because perhaps that’s where their natural talents lie. It doesn’t make them any less inferior because, hey, can you do without your administrative department? Can you handle your job in addition to all the administration that are quite simply, time suckers?

If you, as a woman, have chosen a job that fits your talents and pays you well at the same time, KUDOS. Just don’t forget to ask for your much needed promotion and salary increment when the time comes. Don’t wait until your boss remembers to reward you because they won’t. Sure, good bosses will remember but there is nothing wrong with opening your golden mouth to ask for something you deserve.

Remember: the key word is ask with a firm conviction. NOT demand.

It won’t do us women any good to over-victimise our situation and play tug of war with the guys. Try seeing things from a more gender-neutral view instead. =3

Try to think less of what the society owes you as a woman, but more of how you can add value to the society and your family as a woman instead. Work on your talents and fulfill your potential.

Point Magazine

I’ve uploaded the articles that I’ve written for Point Magazine. You can check them out here in the Clips Page. In case you are wondering what Point Magazine is all about, it’s a magazine helmed by a motivational speaker called Eric Feng. In this issue, I get to write about 9 inspirational women who are at the top of their game in their respective companies and fields and you, my dear readers, will be able to read all about the 9 distinctive influential traits that define these ladies. =3

If you want to read the entire issue, do drop by the magazine website and subscribe to their mailing list. You’ll then be able to get both issues 2 and 1.

It’s been a great time churning out the articles coz I really learnt a lot about leadership and success from these women’s interviews so I hope you guys will enjoy my latest publishing effort! =3

Been meaning to write an extended post on women since it was International Women’s Day on Tuesday, but I guess you’ll have to wait till I’m freer! LOL.

If you want to adopt dogs, why not an army-trained one?

Found this on the Flowerpod Forums:

RETIRED Army dogs, up for adoption

8 lab – 4 y.o. to 12 y.o.
6 gsd – 6 y.o. to 10 y.o.
2 springer spaniel – 9 y.o. & 10 y.o.
2 belgian sherpherd – both 10 y.o.

Call LEE Han Quan @ 6424 6623

Dear dog owners, Please help me post @ other dog related forums to help this furkids get a new home. Thanks in advance!

location is @ kranji camp

Source: Flowerpod Forums (you’ll need to register in order to read the thread and make comments though.)

Sounds like a pretty good idea to adopt army dogs coz they are after all well-trained by the best trainers. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to give these furkids some well-deserved love and home! 😀

And my bf even has the cheek to ask me if they have army trained SHIH TZUS!!!! =.=

Masters of disguises, he calls them. OMG.

12 days into 2011

It has been 12 days into 2011 so this makes it my first official post of the year. 😀 I have been really busy…it feels like there is always something I have to do! >.< And when you throw housework into the mix…let’s just say I don’t enjoy doing it. =x

Anyways, I want to share with you a recent purchase I made! Okie, it’s more like a gift I got in return for a donation to a local cat charity but it’s for a good cause! 😀

If you’re wondering why there are so many pictures of one cat in one calendar, you must be living at the bottom of a well. =x Duke is one of the most popular cats online! His fame spreads far and wide in cyber universe, so far that Dukakis (his fans) swoon over his mere presence every time they attend one of his parties. I kid you not.

So, if you’re a kitty lover and you want to do your part for the local kitty community and get this simple but adorable calendar (the cards come in a plastic photo holder frame) to adorn your desktop and have Duke accompany you every day, here is what you can do:



Experience the intense egg laying process via a song!

You have got to catch the video below. =x

While you’re wiping the drink you’ve spilled onto your keyboard and closing your mouth, let me tell you that this girl is not singing nonsense. No, she is singing about a hen that is having difficulty laying eggs.

Yes, my friends. A hen that is experiencing the intense process of laying eggs. Can you feel the tension? If you want a more professional tension, here is the original:


Ahem, well, have fun aiya aiyiyoooo-ing. Up next, an article that should give you a very good reason for leaving work on time and in good health:

The whole thing just reminds me of the Crimes of Fashion series by Ellen Byerrum where a writer just happened to die at the desk where the female protagonist currently sits in the books. =x

You guys should go read her books. Quite refreshingly fashionable and cute.

A taste of Koi

So I’ve been hearing much about this Koi Bubble Tea trend that has been subtly invading the taste buds of Singaporeans. Almost everyone has gushed about it and every time I walk past a Koi Bubble Tea outlet, I see crowds of people waiting patiently for their turn to get their paws on a cup. If you don’t already know, Koi outlets work according to the queue number system. You pay for your purchase at the counter, then get a queue number that will earn you a wait of about 10 to 20 min, depending on the crowd. It’s supposed to ease the long queues at the counter and facilitate faster transactions at the outlets, I guess.

Well, I finally got a taste of the milk tea from the outlet at Bishan and I must say that it’s not bad at all. They give you a choice of how much sugar you want in your milk tea so you can monitor your diet with more freedom than ever. Not a bad concept. I ordered the Plum Green Tea, which was quite refreshing. Not too sweet and thirst-inducing. =3

Well, I guess it justifies the large crowds and not so cheap price tag. But I wouldn’t really drink this on a regular basis. It’s good when I want something different but really, normal milk teas sold at $1 to $1.50 are just fine with me. =x

Imagine spending $2.40 or more on a beverage every day. It could very well bankrupt me. =x