Point Magazine

I’ve uploaded the articles that I’ve written for Point Magazine. You can check them out here in the Clips Page. In case you are wondering what Point Magazine is all about, it’s a magazine helmed by a motivational speaker called Eric Feng. In this issue, I get to write about 9 inspirational women who are at the top of their game in their respective companies and fields and you, my dear readers, will be able to read all about the 9 distinctive influential traits that define these ladies. =3

If you want to read the entire issue, do drop by the magazine website and subscribe to their mailing list. You’ll then be able to get both issues 2 and 1.

It’s been a great time churning out the articles coz I really learnt a lot about leadership and success from these women’s interviews so I hope you guys will enjoy my latest publishing effort! =3

Been meaning to write an extended post on women since it was International Women’s Day on Tuesday, but I guess you’ll have to wait till I’m freer! LOL.

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