If you want to adopt dogs, why not an army-trained one?

Found this on the Flowerpod Forums:

RETIRED Army dogs, up for adoption

8 lab – 4 y.o. to 12 y.o.
6 gsd – 6 y.o. to 10 y.o.
2 springer spaniel – 9 y.o. & 10 y.o.
2 belgian sherpherd – both 10 y.o.

Call LEE Han Quan @ 6424 6623

Dear dog owners, Please help me post @ other dog related forums to help this furkids get a new home. Thanks in advance!

location is @ kranji camp

Source: Flowerpod Forums (you’ll need to register in order to read the thread and make comments though.)

Sounds like a pretty good idea to adopt army dogs coz they are after all well-trained by the best trainers. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to give these furkids some well-deserved love and home! 😀

And my bf even has the cheek to ask me if they have army trained SHIH TZUS!!!! =.=

Masters of disguises, he calls them. OMG.

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