Experience the intense egg laying process via a song!

You have got to catch the video below. =x

While you’re wiping the drink you’ve spilled onto your keyboard and closing your mouth, let me tell you that this girl is not singing nonsense. No, she is singing about a hen that is having difficulty laying eggs.

Yes, my friends. A hen that is experiencing the intense process of laying eggs. Can you feel the tension? If you want a more professional tension, here is the original:


Ahem, well, have fun aiya aiyiyoooo-ing. Up next, an article that should give you a very good reason for leaving work on time and in good health:

The whole thing just reminds me of the Crimes of Fashion series by Ellen Byerrum where a writer just happened to die at the desk where the female protagonist currently sits in the books. =x

You guys should go read her books. Quite refreshingly fashionable and cute.

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