A not so scary *Scape Halloween Museum

So on Halloween weekend, I went to the *Scape Horror Museum with my bf. I had bought the tickets previously and was really excited about the event coz their pamphlet seemed gorily interesting with pictures of decapitated heads in bowls of blood, info about zombie face-painting etc . =3

But unfortunately when we got there, all we saw was an exhibition of popular monsters that had ever appeared onscreen or told of around smokey campfires plus roaming scary characters who tried their best to sneak up on you. =x

You might not be able to tell but I was really happy to be taking pictures with the monsters. =x

The Judge of Hell and his trusty constables who bring in the spirits for judgment

A scene from the wut-another-sequel-?! 'Saw' movie

I think this is supposed to depict a doll being possessed by evil spirits but somehow, the girl looks scarier. =x

Dah man we all know and love-Jason


Without camera flash, this picture brings out the spooky aspect of the bloody monster better.

Human flesh for dinnar?????

I’m not sure if it’s coz we were there too early or what but it was a terrible let-down for me. While the exhibits were well-done and there were quite a few good attempts to scare me, it could have been better. Really. Like maybe they could have done up a haunted house maze and have random monsters jump out from around the corner or something. =x

Yeah there was the free movie screening that night but we had the Nano kick-off party that day, so we couldn’t make it back in time to watch it. =x Sigh oh wells.

Less than 70 of those who RSVP turned up... =x But oh wells, it means more food for the rest of us! =3

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