Who do you think your neighbour is?

[This movie preview is made possible by omy.sg.]

So recently, I was invited to a movie preview of Let Me In by omg.sg at the Shaw Preview Theatre (the Shaw Centre that is behind the Shaw House, Lido building).  The seats were like woah so comfortable. Hurhurhurhur.

Anyways, Let Me In is an English remake based on the 2008 Swedish film Let The Right One In and a novel of the same name by John Ajvide Lindqvist. The movies tell of a poor bullied boy who became fascinated by the new girl next door.

If you ask me, he was probably impressed by the fact that she walked across the snow on bare foot and also the fact that she solved a Rubik’s Cube within a night. Strong and smart, exactly the type of girlfriend he was looking for! =3

But on a deeper note, Let Me In explores societal issues that are so much more real than the ones certain sparkly vampires and an ultra emo girl had to deal with.

For one thing, the movies depicts your everyday person to be amazingly unobservant or self-absorbed. The unobservant who don’t check their car backseat beforehand get their throat sliced open because they take their safety for granted. The self-absorbed don’t know the whereabouts of their kids because they’re too busy being drunk on their couch. Nobody really took notice of the new girl and her mysterious guardian until the gruesome murders started. Everybody just concentrated on what they can see in front and very seldom taking stock of their lefts, rights and behinds.

For another, Owen (the boy lead) was facing the terrible ordeal of bullying yet no one, not even his mother knew about it. The main bully himself, was a victim of an elder brother who took pleasure in calling him ‘girly’. Actually if you think about it, bullies are part of a vicious cycle. They are bullied into inferiority and in order to regain a sense of control, they pick on those they perceive to be even weaker than they are. Sadly, parents and teachers don’t take action until it’s too late.

You guys should really catch Let Me In because unlike a certain sparkly movie, it’s both intelligent and morbid. It sets you wondering about your neighbours and surroundings. Are they really as normal as they appear on the outside? Are you very sure that the friendly neighbour you share the lift with every morning isn’t a closet serial killer?

I mean, of course even if they aren’t, it doesn’t hurt for us to get to know our neighbours* better. After all, neighbours are the best defence when burglars come a-knocking or even the friendliest babysitters around when you urgently need someone to look after your kid. I’ll admit that I’m a little aloof when it comes to my neighbours (aren’t we all?) but after this movie, I should probably make more effort to give a wider smile.

After all, what if they think I’m a serial killer, a cmi vampire or something. =x

PS: The movies are much tamer. If you’re looking for more scandalous action, go read the book. =x Hurhur.

OR if you wanna catch the original Swedish movie, here’s the trailer:

*This only applies to nice neighbours who don’t purposely go out of their way to place dengue-inducing plants in the corridor, steal your newspapers, pick fights with you, pour urine at your doorstep etc etc etc. You fill in the blanks yourself. =x

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