I love Anisong!

Whew! It had been a really hectic weekend coz Borders was having its sale at Suntec alongside the AFA event. Really crowded. Really squeezy. Everywhere we looked was…



and more people!!!

Quite scary. =x Plus there were tons of cosplayers milling about. Luckily they opened up another hall at the end of the level for the cosplayers to mix around and have their photos taken so the crowds weren’t as bad as they could have been, especially when there was a looooooooooooong snaking queue of otakus who wanted a piece of the AFA action.

One of the cosplays I took...was feeling a little more sianz than usual coz of the crowds. Would have taken more pictures but big cameras kept blocking my view. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

malc had booked the tix for the Anisong concert featuring Hatsune Miku, Jam Project and Ichiro Mizuki (fondly known as Aniki or big brother in Japanese) so it meant that we were able to gain access to both the stage (for guest appearances of other celebrity acts and seiyuus) and the AFA event itself. Lucky us. Hurhur. =x

Ahem…anyways, we didn’t stay long in the AFA hall because the place was so darn crowded. It was quite literally a feat to get from one end of the hall to the other but luckily we ran into malc’s friend who was an AFA helper and she told us we could get nice big (and free!!) photos taken against THREE different backdrops. Not ones to miss out on a freebie or three, we quickly availed ourselves of the opportunity to cam-whore. LOL. Would have shown you the pictures of the backdrops but the photos I took turned out blurry. 😦

Saw some cars though…

What's better than a hot babe and a car? A hot babe plastered on your car!

The side of the same car...

Wanted to check out the oft-raved-about butler & maid cafes but the queues totally put us off.

I heard the prices for the maid and butler cafes were like super ex though. =x I wonder if the standard of the food justified the prices. I mean, yeah la, the butlers and maids were more or less value added but… =x Oh wells…

StarHub was there to provide people with an opportunity to try being voiceover talents too. Would have tried if not for…you’ve guessed it…the loooooooooong queue. =x

Wanted to do some shopping but the milling crowds gave me a headache so with the lack of anything else to do, malc and I decided to venture into the dark cold stage hall to check out the  seiyuus, Japanese voiceover talents for their anime, Milky Holmes.

The seiyuus (voiceover talents) were like any kawaii Japanese girl - fresh-faced and cute

They performed the following theme song from the anime:

Quite cute but I wanted to go check out the Borders Book Sale so malc and I decided to go our separate ways (he wanted more of the icy cold stage hall programme) until it was time for dinner. But ALAS! The Borders hall was crowded as well and the cashier queues were, if possible, worse than the AFA one coz they didn’t look like they were moving at all. Wanted to buy a few books de, then I took one look at the queues and felt very =.=. In the end, I just went to comfort myself with New York Cheesecake at Bakerzin while malc spent more time in the icy cold stage hall checking out guest appearances of Jam Project.

After dinner, it was time for the concert! So after popping a couple of painkillers (had a headache from seeing too many people), we happily trooped into the icy cold stage hall for the concert.

It was totally amazing. The audience was on its feet most of the time, with otakus of all sizes and ages jumping and waving their glow sticks as if their lives depended on it. The plump boy beside us was so energetic that we had to move out slightly into the aisle for fear of him hitting us. =x We were sitting next to the aisle so we could just shift slightly to the left.

The enthusiastic fans of Hatsune Miku, Jam Project and Ichiro Mizuki danced and waved their lightsabers/glowsticks/hands in the air as the performers ruled the stage with their powerful vocals and awesome stage presence. I’m telling you that these young people are truly WOW coz they could like sing word for word for every song the performers sang. =x

I totally ‘五体投地’ these young fans.

Anyways, malc was surprisingly energetic but I honestly can’t keep up with the energy levels. =x Too much effort required. LOL. Well, I did jump and dance a bit while I waved my complimentary glowstick coz one of the singers from Jam Project kept looking in my direction so I was kinda stressed to do something. I mean, if you were a singer at a really active concert, it’ll be highly disconcerting to have a seated person who looks sleepy, right? =x

And Aniki performed, OMG, song after song after song after song after encore after encore. Truly an established performer at the golden age of 62. OMG. I don’t know if I can still be active as him at that age. >.<///

Another person to 五体投地 to.

Granted, the performers were not really my usual cuppa but it was enjoyable and fun. Thanks Jam Project and Aniki. I hope you enjoy your stay in Singapore. If you’re thinking of checking them out next year, do watch these videos of their songs. Don’t be like the two couples who paid over $200 for the concert tix, probably didn’t expect what they paid for and left halfway. =x

Jam Project


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