Easy as A, b, c

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If there’s one thing that this movie proves, it’s that bad news and stories travel faster than the speed of light. You know what the Chinese say, “好事不出门,坏事传千里”. In short, it means that people don’t give a damn about your good stuff, just the nice juicy bad things that they can spread and gossip about. Oh, and when you take the shit for others, don’t expect them to reciprocate aka 好心没好报. Humans are selfish. Period.

Yes, Easy A is a story of how people hear only what they wanna hear and see only what they wanna see. Plenty of high and mighty people passing judgment when they shouldn’t be the ones to throw stones to begin with.

Emma Stone (as Olive Penderghast) is the girl whose reputation goes haywire after a fake story about her bedding an imaginary guy over the weekend spreads like wildfire. Her story sort of parallels The Scarlet Letter novel where the heroine had to suffer the indignity of having the letter ‘A‘ sewn onto her clothes. Check out the 1926 version starring Lilian Gish:

Like woah, right? Silent movie it might be but the intensity of the acting is pure wow. =3 This is the Demi Moore version that Olive likes to compare with the B&Ws and yes, it seems that she loves taking baths. LOL.

Olive was not so humble though, she decided to thumb her nose at her dissenters by sewing As of her own onto sexy corsets and purring her way down the school corridor. LOL. Emma Stone sure makes a convincing harlot.

And it’s amazing how people are willing to believe the worst things about you, especially best friends (Rhiannon, Olive’s best friend especially, refused to believe anything that wasn’t remotely scandalous). Like seriously, who needs best friends like these. =x

Anyways, the movie’s hilarious. There won’t be a lot of ahem action but the dialogue’s sharp and witty. Although frankly I find it hard to believe that Olive would be a nobody in high school. With her looks, surely there would be a suitor or two? =x And her parents? Wow. It must be such a liberating experience to have open-minded parents. 😀

Go catch Easy A for the laughs when it opens on 25 November 2010. It’s fun and who doesn’t like a gossip or two, right? XDDD

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