The day I almost saw bikini action…

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Yes, that’s it. Almost. Unfortunately by the time I got there, our sexy blogger was already slipping into her very convenient tunic dress so didn’t manage to snap any pictures. :/

Next time maybe. LOL.

Anyways, you must be wondering what I was doing in the vicinity of a sexy blogger. Why, that’s coz I was invited for a half day tour on board the Legend of the Seas courtesy of Royal Caribbean International and on Monday (22 November)! =D

First shot of the 'Legend of the Seas' from the Singapore Cruise Centre

It was quite an exciting thing coz I…ahem…have never been on a cruise ship before. But that’s beside the point! Now I can tell everyone I’ve been on one! Ahem, despite the fact the ship didn’t take me for a ride. =x malc even wants me to sing this song while I was on board:

I think he’s trying to get me on Stomp or something [an online portal where people can post anything, especially scandalous ones]. =.=

Okie, so a little background on the ship I went to. Legend of the Seas is part of a fleet of ships under Royal Caribbean International, which are divided into six classes namely the Oasis, Freedom, Voyager, Radiance, Vision and Sovereign. Legend of the Seas is under the Vision Class. It’s considered one of the smaller ships coz it can only carry up to 2076 passengers but then again, the Singapore Cruise Centre Harbour is not exactly very big, so ya. =x

Our very warm guide, Caroline, told us that if we want to take one of the larger ships, we gotta fly to another country to take the ship from there. It’s like so, wah, atas. =x If you ever become a tai-tai or a jet-setting power gal, you can try out the more luxurious ones under Royal Caribbean. Oh and because there is no limit to the amount of luggage you can carry on (if I remember correctly), Caroline said that it actually makes more sense to hop on board a ship, sail to shopping paradises like Hong Kong, shop like there’s no tomorrow and cruise back with all your loot! It’s like so radical, right? Man, shopping crazies had better take note. =3

So on Monday, I set out bright and early for HarbourFront. It took me two whole hours just to get there but luckily the group of 40 bloggers hadn’t set out yet.

Bloggers from all walks of life, award-winning or otherwise

The customs...I was bored. =x

According to our schedule, we were supposed to have cleared customs and boarded the ship for our opening speech by 10.45am but we ended up boarding the ship only after 11am. =x

As we were passing through the customs, the officer checking my ticket asked me what we were doing curiously. Maybe he thought we were a group of reporters or something. LOL. Well, in a way we are. So I told him that we going on board the ship for a half day tour. Then we proceeded to the waiting area where we, well, proceeded to wait for forever. =x

Security was so tight that they probably checked our details again and again. And again. =x

We were divided into 4 groups and I was put into the same group as Muiee, a fellow blogger. =D Apparently she does quite a bit of travel writing, most of which focuses on Japan and all her intricacies. Luckily she was there to tell me interesting tidbits about Japan while we waited or I’ll be really bored to death. Security was so tight that Groups 3 and 4 were left waiting for more than 15 minutes while the other two groups were allowed in first. In the end, this tall and menacing security guy took over and waved us through after he got our guides to collect our identification cards. Of course, we all had to wear this sticker on our sleeves to show that we were temporary guests on board the ship.

Muiee, mah fellow blogger from Group 3! Hello!

Pardon the poor camera is not exactly good with indoor shots. =x Anyways, the entrance to Anchors Aweigh!

It’s like whew! Finally, we’re on board the ship! Then I spotted this tall and handsome (maybe a bulkier type of Legolas) angmoh guy standing near the entrance of the ship. I would have requested to take a photo had we not in a dreadful hurry. T.T That’s the beauty of working on a cruise ship. You get to meet all kinds of people from all over the world! Anyways, we were hustled into the Anchors Aweigh Lounge where we were given a briefing by our Royal Caribbean guides and omy representatives (hello Janet and Alvin!).

The place where we supposed to receive our briefing and the tantalising baits of a 5D4N Isle of Southeast Asia Cruise if we were the top 10 and a 7D5N Western Mediterranean Fly-Cruise if we're picked as the Grand Prize winner! Wheeee!

We were introduced to our respective guides and our half day (actually less than half by then…lol) tour began. Will be posting some nice pictures just to tantalise you guys. Muahaha. If you want to see more, go book a cruise on Royal Cruise! =x

One of the grand staircases in the ship

Royal Caribbean International: The Nation of Why Not Shop at Duty Free Shops On the Seas As Well

One of the cinemas where you can watch movies in stylish atas-ness

We weren't allowed to take pictures of the interior so I took one of the entrance. The Casino was surprisingly small, cosy if you will. =x

The Schooner Bar, where you can chill out the nautical way

Enjoy a spot of soothing music while you sip your atas wine.

The Viking Crown Lounge where you can dance the night away! Looks like a great place for people to hold their weddings coz there's a nice dance floor in the middle. =D

It was a darn hot day so this outdoor pool is just nice for working on that atas tan! =3

Relax while you watch the...seas go by while you toast in the sun. Atas-ly =x

If you're tired of toasting under the sun, you can putt away here! A bit small but hey, still atas! =x

There's even rock climbing! Kewl right?

A tad small for my liking, they only have a few machines like Guitar Hero. But I guess they have all the most popular video games in there ba.

If you want to dump...I mean put your child under expert care, here is where you can leave them to the songs of Lady Gaga! =3 At least, that was the song that was playing when we were in the room. =x

Or if you have teenagers who wanna have some fun of their own, you can leave them here to mix around with other young people. No worries. There's no alcohol sold. hurhurhur

Seeing this brings back images of the Hot Tub movie, lol. The sexeh blogger who gave us the bikini action did it in the other jacuzzi while I was busy taking pictures somewhere else. ZZZZZZZZZ

Thank God for indoor pools. Although it was not significantly cooler than the outside, at least there's air con. =x Feels a bit like one of those old Roman pools right?

After swimming, you can go pamper your skin at their spas...*_* Wonder if I will ever have the opportunity to live an atas lifestyle liddat. *hint hint*

Then after the spa, you can further sculpture yourself to an even higher level of PERFECTION! After all, you don't want to go on an atas cruise looking all flabby right? =x Ok, just kidding. You can cruise in all shapes and sizes. =x

I took pictures of the other suites but I shall just show you the ROYAL SUITE aka the ONLY ATAS PEOPLE CAN BOOK IT room. =x Ok la, if you're rich enough, you can go ahead and book. Hehehe.

The royal bed...

See the indian couple in the background? Actually they were the Royal guests and no one even took notice until it was like...a few minutes later. LOL. But luckily the couple was very gracious and allowed us 'peasants' *coughcough* to ooooh and ahhhhh over their expensive suite. LOL.

The royal bath tub...good for a romantic moment or two or three or...

So convenient right?! You don't have to wait for your SO to finish using the toilet while you hop outside. Royal people can do it altogether! =3

FINALLY! After trooping all over the place, we finally GET TO EAT! Atas-ly, of course. =x

See those nice looking gentlemen by the tables? When you pay for atas-ness, you get your personal waiter!

Each waiter is assigned to one table so they can take care of your needs. I heard from Caroline that the waiter are so professional that they actually remember your personal preferences! Oh and there's no such thing as a couple table. You gotta eat with the rest and make friends! Cannot be anti-social!

As you can see we only have a few choices, but no worries! Muiee and I ordered different food so you can salivate on your keyboard! Muahaha. =x

I ordered the chicken soup as my appetizer...quite nice, it had mushrooms and wantan in it.

Muiee ordered the shrimp cocktail...

For the entree, Muiee ordered the Chef's Halibut...wished I had ordered that instead. =x

This is my entree, the lamb shank with rosemary...mmmm let's just say that the mint jelly (the green stuff on the side) made the meat taste better. =3

And last but not least…

Our dessert! =3 Really liked the texture and it wasn't too sweet either.

Yup, so our free atas meal was the conclusion to the half day tour on board the Legend of the Seas. =3 It was quite an eye-opener to walk about the ship, although things were a tad small for me. HAHA. But imagine what it’ll be like on board a BIGGER ship. =x

Do I stand a chance with my witty captions of atas-ness? LOL. Anyways, thanks omy for inviting me along! =3

Over and out before I hit the iceberg of deadlines for this blog entry. XDDD

One thought on “The day I almost saw bikini action…

  1. Estelle Kiora says:

    Hi I just stumbled on your post, and haha I just liked your post! I’m that ‘bikini girl’… And a very embarrassed one too! If I knew so many people would have caught me in the act, I wouldn’t have tried to take a bikini photo! Haha oh well. Too late now 😛

    Cool blog post! 🙂 Saw this on the omy website and it gave me 2 surprises –
    1) You wrote about my stripping of the dress in the headlines
    2) Our blog templates are exactly the same!!!! 0_0 It is nice right? I can only have compliments for your blog template then, of course 🙂

    Take care and keep writing!

    Love, Estelle

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