’tis the season to be snowy

Changed the template so I can see the snow better…hehehe…well…I didn’t get to win the omy blogger contest where 10 lucky bloggers get to go for a 5 Days 6 Nights SEA Cruise! So lucky right? Remember Mui Yee, the blogger I had met on the half day cruise? Well, she’s one of them lucky buggers. Hehs. You can check out their blog updates etc on the official website itself.

So last Thursday, I attended a Women Leadership Forum organised by ipac (Women Mean Business). They had a talk and discussion on how companies should step up the beat and recognise for the wonderful talents that they are. Panelists include

  • Stuart Hendry, Managing Director of APAC Commercial Business, Cisco Systems
  • Aliza Knox, Managing Director, Online Sales and Operations, APAC, Google Singapore

Check out the pictures that were taken at the event…

It was quite the eye-opener for me coz I’ve never been to networking events such as these. I mean seriously, there’s a certain art to being able to mingle with strangers with ease and jump into the conversation with style. Quite fun coz I met people I would never have met under normal circumstances…lol…of coz I might have run into them at the bus-stop or the kopitiam but hey, how do you know that they’re the Managing Director of so-so company, right? Not unless they go around announcing their position. =x

Well if you’re interested in joining such events and meet new people (always an exciting experience), ipac has more events coming up next year! One of them which I’m particularly keen in participating in is “A Man Is Not A Financial Plan‘. The more people joining, the cheaper! =3

You might think that as a single, you don’t need to attend such talks but hey, it doesn’t hurt to learn more about female financial independence! You know how it is, when women get married, they tend to leave all financial matters to their husbands. And when their husbands leave them or pass away, these women are at a loss. =x

So don’t leave things to chance. Start planning for your future. =3

*Photos are courtesy of ipac Singapore*

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