Fantastical designer

I love fantasy. And I love costumes. I remember pretending to be a swashbuckling heroine on my bed when I was much younger, draping my blanket over my shoulders like some form of mantle. =3

That’s why cosplay was one of my things to do. Now that I’ve tried cosplaying at local events, I must say that it really takes discipline to actually make a costume and go around sourcing for materials. Just like planning a wedding, ya? Haha…

Anyways, I came across this website of a costume designer from LA, California and I absolutely love her designs. Especially this set of costumes from her masquerade fairies theme… Gorgeous, right?

She also does commissions so if you’re thinking of getting a unique gown for your wedding (instead of patronising boutiques that carry designs that all look the same after a while), you can get in touch with her! Just click contact on the top navi-bar. =3

Oh and if you’re wondering where to go this coming Saturday, do check out the Natsu Matsuri 2010. It’s a traditional Japanese festival held at the Japanese Primary School at Changi. Check out the details here. Do note that the yukatas that will be on rental will probably be gone by the time you manage to get into the school. The best option is to rent at The WearHouse or purchase your own set at shops like The Haru House (convieniently located at Far East Plaza and *Scape). You can read all about my experience last year here.

Me? I’ll be heading for the Japanese Film Festival to watch the OMGSOLDOUT Air Doll. Hurhur. Lucky my fingers were quick enough to book tickets. Keke…

Here’s a youtube trailer of the movie. Quite cute.

Yes, it looks hentai-ish but it looks quite interesting, no?

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