When there’s nothing to eat

Have you ever been in a situation when nothing selling near your house appeals to you anymore? The food sucks, the price sucks even more and the worse thing is you can’t even exert the strength to go further somewhere else to buy food they say is delicious and worth every cent.

So what to do? Me, I just see what I have in the kitchen and throw together a mixture of whatever ingredients I have. For example, if I have instant noodles and a can of Campbell soup, I’ll just heat up the soup and cook the noodles (without the msg), then mix them together to make a nice piping hot bowl of Campbell soup noodles. Sometimes I’ll even throw an egg into the soup so it’ll have an eggy taste. =x

AND it seems that Super Cook has the same idea as me. All you have to do is enter whatever ingredients you currently have and voila! You have the recipe to make food you probably haven’t tried before.

Go ahead and give it a try. I’m sure your mother would appreciate the additional recipes as well! =3

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