A spot of pampering

So I finally got myself an appointment with Polished Divas after purchasing the $10 for Manicure and Drink from Beeconomic. I went with my bf and we were pretty excited coz this would be our first experience in getting our nails done! Yes, I don’t really get my nails done coz for one, my daily life requires me to do stuff that are not really conducive to manicures so really no point in getting one but a nail pampering once in a while sounds really inviting. As for my bf, he was the only guy at the place but the ladies seemed unperturbed. =x

To add to his not so macho image, he even asked for an episode of Gossip Girls to put on the dvd player. LOL. Luckily the lady attending to us didn’t seem to be very disturbed. Maybe guys regularly come in to get their nails done and watch girly shows to boot. HAHA.

But anyways, we BOTH enjoyed the experience. It was a wonderful addition to my birthday too. =3 I should really go for more of such deals and I hope they put up more fun stuff that both myself and my bf can try! Keke…

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