Take your life in your hands

A shiok life is a must-try for every person!

Thanks to a recent acquaintance I met, I picked up this book titled “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss. It’s about how you can reduce your working hours to a mere FOUR hours a week by delegating work and knowing what to prioritize. Items on that particular list would be things like emails and setting up meetings with colleagues or friends. Sometimes these things take up 80% of our time and we can’t even get half on our to-do list done. =x

It certainly is an attractive notion to work much less, enjoy life more but still possess the same earning power. Hehe…I think I shall make it MY goal to enjoy life in a more efficient way like Timothy. =3 Hopefully I can get to travel the world or even stay in another country like him for a few weeks too! Heh.

Another good knowledge resource I wanna recommend is this blog by the acquaintance I mentioned above. =3

Her name is Karen Leong and she’s a relationship mastery coach. She primarily does seminars for women who are looking to move ahead in their careers and personal pursuits. Check out her blog for tips on how to network and take control of your life. =3

Also caught Air Doll over the weekend…quite cute, although kinda random at parts. I guess this movie was really trying to illustrate how we tend to pass people by and not give them a second glance. If you didn’t catch the trailer I posted the last time, here it is again:

Oh and before I sign off, a food blogger who thinks he can get away with FREE FOOD? Either a publicity stunt or sheer arrogance, but utterly tasteless in my opinion. >.<

Image: Michal Marcol / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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