That time of the month

I regularly come across this cat affectionately named Fifi and I find her quite adorable coz she likes to rub herself on my shoes or weave her way around my legs. My bf claims that it’s simply her way of cleaning her fur and nothing else intended. I being the animal lover, beg to differ or at least have another POV. =x

That’s her in the picture anyway. Beautiful, ain’t she? =3

Anyways, just yesterday, I greeted her as usual. Fifi looked up at me with unusually big eyes and meowed. Really loudly. I started petting her and she seemed slightly mollified. But the minute I stopped, she meowed protestingly, tried to nibble me and even jumped up to playfully hook me on my jeans with her claws. =x

When I told my bf what had happened over sms, he sent me this message in reply.

“It’s that time of the month. =x”

Sigh…he will insist on cats being evil no matter what I say. >.<

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