Finally done!

Okies…I’m finally done rearranging everything to my satisfaction. Turns out that I won’t be moving my fiction etc to another home after all. You can still read them on the site by simply going to YARNS.

The rest of the links on the header are self-explanatory so I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble navigating them.

I fully plan on making 2010 a more fruitful year than the last coz I realise that I’ve been too lazy and tired to boot. I’m gonna embark on a healthier lifestyle, write more, explore more places in Singapore (right after seriouslysarah gives the thumbs-up in her very own adventure quest) & generally accomplishing my list of to-do things. =D

I guess you can say it’s gonna be a busier year but at least I won’t be sitting on my fat bum and expanding it at the same time. Hurhur.

To my healthier end, I’ve gotten myself a pair of running shoes. For the first time in x years, I’ll be donning fully covered shoes to run. An activity I didn’t even like when I was still in school. =x

But oh wells, I’ll start off with a more moderate activity like fast walking first. As I become more used to actually moving for a healthier goal rather than getting myself from place to place, I’ll level up to slow jogging. Heh.

Also got myself a Buffy Stakes Edward t-shirt, thanks to seriouslysarah (who always seem to pop up with some awesome stuff from time to time…).

You can probably tell I'm not much of a Twilight fan. =x

It’s quite cool, right? You can get it at the J!NX website where there are loads of other cute tees like this too. Yes, the whole vampire-human love affair plot is getting a little tiresome these days. In fact, just the other day, my bf and I saw this particular book that quite literally made us LOAO (laughed our ass off).

A must-have handbook if you're aiming for a vampy (extra points if sparkly) lover.=x

the vampire is just not that into you” is written by Vlad Mezrich, undead dating specialist who tells it like it is. Offering invaluable answers, analysis pie charts and even quizzes, Vlad guides females in their quest for a sparkling pale-skinned drop dead gorgeous vamp. I totally recommend this book to any vampire lover wannabe. =x

Perhaps Bella might want a peek into this book. Hurhur.

You can get it at any Popular Bookstore (where we got our copy) for $15.94. OR you can get it on AMAZON and check out other similar titles! =x



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