It’s gonna be a busy month

Whew…it’s gonna be a busy busy social month for me this April and coming May. Friend’s wedding, said friend’s hen party, various dates with different people, Book Exchange @ The National Library at Bugis, FREE Comic Day at Rochor Centre etc. Utterly jam-packed with stuff to do, places to go and people to see. Not that I’m complaining of course. Haha.

Went to watch Ju-on: White Ghost and Black Ghost with my bf last Tuesday @ Cineleisure, Orchard. It was a movie collection of 2 stories with the common theme of revenge.

The first movie begins with a man hanging in his last throes of life. A cassette tape recorder lies below him beside a bag and we are soon treated to the creepy sight of long (for once, I’ll like to see a short-haired ghost) hair spilling out of the bag. The story then brings the viewer back in time where we find out how and why the murder of an entire family took place. Throughout this story, we see a scary white female figure stalking anyone and everyone who was somehow linked to the murdered family. At first I thought the ghost was the little girl (whose head got lopped off by her crazy and suspiciously pervert uncle), then I discovered…that it was actually the little girl’s senile granny who wanted to play ball. =.= [highlight missing part to see spoiler]

The second story is about a twin that had been absorbed by her own twin during the mother’s pregnancy. The absorbed twin then seeks revenge on everyone who “refused” to give her a chance at life. A bit illogical. =x

Anyways…during the movie…everyone was so tensed up that they screamed at almost every scary scene and not so scary ones. Case in point: when a character was merely taking a deep breath in surprise, a girl screamed at the top of her lungs, presumably to prepare for the “scare” ahead. =x

Like seriously…if you’re so scared…DON’T WATCH SCARY MOVIES! =x Hehehehe.

Well, the movie was quite ok and quite unintentionally funny at times but it did good in building suspense and that scary sound the Ju-on ghosts seem to enjoy making. =x

Clash of the Titans

So I went to watch this movie called the Clash of the Titans with my bf recently. It was in a word…lousy. =x

There were quite a few inconsistencies and I’m not quite sure if the movie intends to sell itself as an serious epic movie or something that sprouts lame dialogue at whim.

Case in point:

Soldier plays a flute badly. Captain takes flute away from soldier and breaks it in half. Soldier takes out another flute with a deadpan expression. =x

Another thing I just can’t wrap my mind around is…just how they know Perseus would be the one to defeat the Gods? Why is this mysterious lady stalking Perseus since he was a baby? How in the world did she manage to ease into Perseus’ life as if it was an everyday occurrence? Why is it that when we first see Perseus’ mother in the huge box in which they were both locked into, she had dark hair and when we see her again in a flashback, she has blond hair???

Medusa was supposed to have been turned into the monster we all love to hate because she had seduced Poseidon in Athena’s temple according to one of the myths about her. In the movie however, it was said that Athena turned Medusa into a monster coz she sought refuge in her temple, got taken anyway by Poseidon and dared to ask for condolences from the Goddess. Like…WTH! Gotten raped, asked for condolences and STILL got turned into a monster?! Where’s the justice in that?! Sheesh.

AND…Pegasus was supposed to have sprang from Medusa’s fallen body as her offspring. Not anyhow fly in to make a dramatic appearance and claim that it’s a gift from the Gods. Plus it’s white. =.=

Oh and there were no Titans, Zeus and his gang are not technically considered Titans, who were their fathers.

I now know why this movie has such bad reviews. =x

If you ask me, the 1981 version might have been more interesting… =.=

Agathe Cléry: White, Racist and Becoming Black

Watched Agathe Cléry over the weekend. It’s a French film about a woman who is both white and racist, leading to her completely disregarding a black applicant for a vacant position at her company.

Then the unspeakable happens. Her skin gradually becomes darker and darker due to a medical condition until it’s apparent that she is going to be completely dark like one of those non-whites she detests.

Her entire life changes and she experiences for the first time, what it is like to be black and discriminated by one’s own countrymen.

Quite an entertaining show, I must say. Like a Bollywood movie where coconut trees and mass dances are a dime a dozen, everyone breaks into a song-and-dance routine every now and then. It’s quite funny to see the actors dancing and singing to make a point especially the part where Agathe Cléry breaks into the famed Moonwalk like below. =x–U&feature=related

I must say the female lead actually does it quite well. Bravo to her comedic and yet sincere turn. =D

Highly recommended. Catch it at the PictureHouse at The Cathay. =D

Summer Wars

Caught this yesterday. One of the most enjoyable animes I’ve watched so far…

It’s about a young Math genius who unwittingly solved the security code to the world’s biggest social media platform for a hacker program. In order to save the world from impending doom, he must (with the aid of his crush’s personality-rich family) defeat the hacker program with every wit and mental skill he has at his disposal.

I must say that it was an excellent ride from start to finish. There was never a dull moment coz there will always be a joke cracked or a goof-up from the male lead. The background story is something that many of us could identify with. Imagine Facebook in that kind of dire straits. LOL.

Of course, Spirited Away will always be on my NUMBER ONE list. But that shouldn’t stop you from catching this movie at Cineleisure Orchard, where it’s apparently the only cinema showing. =3

And if you’re wondering if its soundtrack is any good, you can preview the music here along with an excellent review of each track.

Also watched Goemon, a Japanese movie about a ninja bandit who steals a box, dubbed the Pandora’s Box, that contains a secret that soon plunges the world into war and chaos.

A rather nice movie, with spectacular special effects and flashy fight sequences. A bit long-winded towards the end though but it’s well-worth the ticket price.

It also has Japanese warlords in shining armour. =x