Summer Wars

Caught this yesterday. One of the most enjoyable animes I’ve watched so far…

It’s about a young Math genius who unwittingly solved the security code to the world’s biggest social media platform for a hacker program. In order to save the world from impending doom, he must (with the aid of his crush’s personality-rich family) defeat the hacker program with every wit and mental skill he has at his disposal.

I must say that it was an excellent ride from start to finish. There was never a dull moment coz there will always be a joke cracked or a goof-up from the male lead. The background story is something that many of us could identify with. Imagine Facebook in that kind of dire straits. LOL.

Of course, Spirited Away will always be on my NUMBER ONE list. But that shouldn’t stop you from catching this movie at Cineleisure Orchard, where it’s apparently the only cinema showing. =3

And if you’re wondering if its soundtrack is any good, you can preview the music here along with an excellent review of each track.

Also watched Goemon, a Japanese movie about a ninja bandit who steals a box, dubbed the Pandora’s Box, that contains a secret that soon plunges the world into war and chaos.

A rather nice movie, with spectacular special effects and flashy fight sequences. A bit long-winded towards the end though but it’s well-worth the ticket price.

It also has Japanese warlords in shining armour. =x

One thought on “Summer Wars

  1. zzeroparticle says:

    Definitely agree that Summer Wars is an awesome ride that never gets boring. There are some parts where the plotholes get a bit big, but aside from that, the heartwarming relationships between all three members of the family was what really clinched it for me.

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