Agathe Cléry: White, Racist and Becoming Black

Watched Agathe Cléry over the weekend. It’s a French film about a woman who is both white and racist, leading to her completely disregarding a black applicant for a vacant position at her company.

Then the unspeakable happens. Her skin gradually becomes darker and darker due to a medical condition until it’s apparent that she is going to be completely dark like one of those non-whites she detests.

Her entire life changes and she experiences for the first time, what it is like to be black and discriminated by one’s own countrymen.

Quite an entertaining show, I must say. Like a Bollywood movie where coconut trees and mass dances are a dime a dozen, everyone breaks into a song-and-dance routine every now and then. It’s quite funny to see the actors dancing and singing to make a point especially the part where Agathe Cléry breaks into the famed Moonwalk like below. =x–U&feature=related

I must say the female lead actually does it quite well. Bravo to her comedic and yet sincere turn. =D

Highly recommended. Catch it at the PictureHouse at The Cathay. =D

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