Oh My God

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Immortals is a blockbuster wanna-be movie that revolves around Theseus, a Young Warrior who picked up The Weapon so he can Kill The Bad Guy who had killed his mother. The Gods and Goddess of Olympus are young nubile hot-headed immortals who watch helplessly from their pedestals way up high and wring their hands as their “beloved people” get slaughtered by this very angry warlord who was angry mainly because the Gods ignored his pleas for his very sick family a long time ago.

The Gods and Goddess (only Athena bothered to make an appearance), you see, were forbidden by Zeus, the Father of all Gods & Goddesses to intervene in mortal affairs as GODS lest they risk his wrath and DEATH as punishment.

And that about sums up the entire movie. =x

Funnily, Zeus left a loophole for himself by saying “intervening as GODS” but the other pretty but apparently empty-headed Gods & Goddess (I refuse to call her Athena coz she is in no way a strong and formidable Goddess who actually stood up to her own Father in Greek myths) didn’t see the loophole and happily appeared in the Godly forms to help Theseus and his complimentary buddy.

No prizes for guessing what happens next. =.=

The movie boasts of numerous special effects and manly men who bang their shields in manly valour but none of those can save this terrible movie from its slow death. If you know your Greek myths, you will agar agar know that Theseus was the hero who felled Minotaur and Titans are…well…TITIANS (BIG BAD GIANTS who are the age -old enemies of Zeus and his cohort). But no, these legendary figures and stories were twisted into unrecognizable chunks in this movie. All it can ever boast of are pretty faces who do the Gods they portray NO JUSTICE AT ALL.

Yes, OMG indeed.

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