In retrospection of 2011

My first post for 2012~! Happy New Year everyone! May this be an even better year than the last, although it has supposedly been foretold that this will be the year of The Big Doom and Recession. But hey, the future is not set in stone and we can still make it better than ever, right? =)

Had been pretty busy after the Comics Xchange event I had co-organised with the Association of Comic Artists Singapore and Story Kitchen. It didn’t go as well as I had hoped but all is not lost! Made plenty of friends at the event and came away with valuable lessons on how to organise an event such as this. =)

You might have read a few negative comments on my event, but I guess it comes with the territory and it certainly opened my eyes in a lot of ways.

My friends were supportive though. One even turned up in full cosplay gear! Even though she was about the only person who was an active photog opportunity. The rest were nowhere in sight and I even had a couple of young boys knocking on my seminar door, asking if there were cosplayers in my room! LOL.

There were other little blessings as well…like the food for instance. We ordered Bibik Catering for our various meals and wow! Damn delicious, especially the Bee Hoon Goreng. My sponsors & speakers were great people who rose to the occasion splendidly and the members of my seminar, too, were rather enthusiastic in their participation. While the crowd at the event was admittedly small, people mingled well and made a few new friends.

Everyone looks happy & that's what counts the most! Otto Fong was one of our speakers.

I wouldn’t say that my event was a complete failure coz at least some people turned up. LOL. I don’t regret organising it. Yes, there were some inevitable unhappiness arising from the fact that the turnout was unexpectedly small but I’m proud to say that I’ve managed to do something I’ve always wanted to do since I set up AMWC. On to the next adventure in 2012 then~! =)

In retrospection, this year has been a milestone year in more ways than one. I ventured into a new field of writing for Lookbox (a local interior design magazine) and Point (a magazine targeted at Asia’s CEOs and high ranking personnel), visited Taiwan for the first time (read my travel blog for the highlights!) and dipped my toes in the world of trainers & speakers thanks to Karen Leong (she’s a speaker on the topics like how to network in winsome way, how to win people over at work etc).

All in all, a rather fruitful year. =D

Oh and it seems that a few of my friends have gotten married before 2011 ended. Congratulations, gals! May Lady Happiness always smile on your marriage!

PS: Before I forget, I wish to thank Jerry Hinds (the President of Association of Comic Artists) for his generous support of the event. Without his help, I doubt I could actually bring the event to fruition! Hehe…that’s why it’s so important to have a good wingman by your side!

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