Join the NANOWRIMO KICK-OFF (in Singapore)!

So this year I’m gonna do my best and hit the word count target for the Nanowrimo initiative! I had joined this event some time ago but couldn’t meet the target due to my laziness. =x This year however, I’m gonna work extra hard! So by hook or by crook, I’m gonna have something out! And to start things off, Sarahcoldheart has organised a KICK-OFF party for writers in Singapore! There’s gonna be cake and lots of talks to educate the newly initiated. =3

Do come join us if you’re a writer in Singapore. RSVP by joining Nanowrimo and head straight for the Singapore forum where Sarahcoldheart has details on the event. =3 See you there!

PS: Oh and watched Enhiran, a Tamil movie that has apparently taken Bollywood by storm…

IT WAS AWESOME! IT’S LIKE OMG! Th effects were amazing, the (inevitable love) songs had catchy tunes and the male lead was omg….simply charismatic and funny. And the female lead? OMG. Beautiful. Loved her in all her dance moves and costume changes. =3 This movie is definitely better than some of the Hollywood movies I can think of.

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