Bummer bummer

Bought the MaxSwing $1 coupon for a 4-person one-hour golf session at Orchard Central but didn’t manage to utilise it. >.<

Reason being, the coupon was only applicable on weekdays (off peak hours) so going there on a Saturday was a big mistake. =( Anyways, since I didn’t want to waste the coupon (which was worth $80 after all, thanks to Beeconomic!), I gave it to a young friend of mine (who aspires to be an aristocrat masquerading as a commoner).

Here’s her aristocratic account of what transpired. Looks like she had a great time with her friend. LOL. Well, at least the coupon wasn’t wasted.

My next purchase at Beeconomic was a $10 coupon for Manicure and Drink at Polished Divas that’s worth $32. Bought another one for my bf so we can have a couple-y experience but I couldn’t seem to make an appointment with them despite repeated calls. =x Maybe they are booked to the brim. Oh wells, they promised to get back to me so I guess I’ll just wait ba.

It’s been pretty exciting getting my paws on such good deals but when bad luck is determined to derail your plans…sigh…let’s just say I haven’t been experiencing smooth sailing for the past week or so. It’s a bummer having to deal with watery catastrophes all the time. >.<

Anyways, let’s hope the upcoming week has better news for me. Like what Forrest Gump’s momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Well, I hope I get the decent ones please. =x

Up next…a video on a father-son relationship that runs what apparently seems to be the natural course of life. Sad but I think true for most people ba…except for the ending. =x

Makes you think twice about your own relationship with your parents.

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