One, two…Freddy’s coming for you~

“One, Two….Freddy’s Coming for You!”

Remember the chilling song with three innocent little girls skipping rope?

Three, Four….Better Lock Your Door!

The GLOVE that grabbed our imaginations by the tail and dragged them screaming into the darkness?

Five, Six….Grab Your Crucifix!

The red and black stripped sweater that formed the fabric of our nightmares?

Seven, Eight….Better Stay Up Late!

The movie that brought sleepless nights wayyyyy before Sadako crawled out of the tv.

Nine, Ten…..Never…Sleep Again!”

Yes, I’m talking Nightmare on Elm Street, the updated version having hit theaters just the week before. Having watched the Wes Craven version when I was much younger, I was curious to see just how scary it is despite the poor reviews it was given in the newspapers.

After having watched the movie, I can only come to one conclusion…

…Wes Craven still rox!

Sorry, new updated version of Nightmare…having nubile young things slashed by not really scary looking Freddy is not enough. You gotta play on the mind and manipulate human fear into incomprehensible levels.

Although the updated Nightmare followed most of the events in Craven’s Nightmare, it felt too contrived and unnatural. Unlike the original where it followed Tina Gray, the main character, as she watched her friends die one by one. This remake jumps from character to character as they die at Freddy’s hand, making it difficult to empathize with any one character for any amount of time. Even the injection of Freddy before he became Freddy was not as interesting as it could have been.

Sadly, this is one remake that just didn’t make the cut.

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