Funding clock, ticking down

Eva…a friend of mine recently made an astute observation about the nature of government aided initiatives in Singapore.

Now…why am I not surprised about the cancellation of many MDA initiatives? =.=

It’s not like we have lack of talents, you know. But looking at the shelves of our local bookstores sort of tells you otherwise. It’s as if Singaporeans can’t write anything else but ghost stories, emotales where NO ONE is ever happy or yawn-graphies where deep dark secrets are revealed.

I know for a fact that local writers are talented and struggling to make their mark in the world. E-books, twitter, Facebook, blogs, forking out hard-earned funds to self-publish…you name it, we’ve tried it. And just when writers and artists in Singapore thought they could break through with a scheme like First Time Writers & Illustrators Initiative, it stops.

It’s disappointing and frustrating to say the least. If you want a cultural hub to impress the rest of the world, doesn’t it make sense to start with us small fries? By making us compete with bigger companies, many a small creative dream is gonna get squashed at birth. I kid you not.

Well…I’m gonna do my part in promoting local writers as much as I can. To my faithful readers who still check back from time to time, spread the word as far as you possibly can…we Singaporean writers need all the help we can get. =)

One such title that I’m gonna introduce you is Happiness at the end of the world by Happy Smiley and Friends. They are a group of local writers who got together after joining Nanowrimo some years back.

This book is a collection of short stories that take place during a fictional end of the world. Now, we all know that end of world endings are typically tragic and miserable. BUT, Happy Smiley and Friends think otherwise. THEY see no reason why happy endings cannot go hand in hand with the end of the world! Hence this book was born.

Now they’re working on a second book! If you get the book, you can have a sneak preview at the end. =3

If you’re interested in finding out more about the brains behind this book, you can read the interview I did with one of the writers here as well a separate email interview with the publisher herself.

To buy the book, you can check out local bookstores like Popular or order straight from them so the money will go directly to them. =3


In fact, you know what? I think I shall introduce a new local book like every week. =D

2 thoughts on “Funding clock, ticking down

  1. Mint Kang says:

    Introduce mine! I let off a fairly good novella for free on Scribd recently, thereby trashing all the first publication rights and competition-winning or other-publication chances it ever had. AHAHAHAHA. See if I care about those. The Scribd team even picked it for a feature 3 days after I uploaded it, which I found to be a lot more happy-making than hardcopy publication would have been. I mean, I got 1000+++ reads on it from around the world. Would I have been able to sell 1000 copies of it or even get paid $1000 for it? Not bloody likely.

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