Light at the end of the tunnel

This blog post was made possible by Cozycot & Spa-Lon.

If you’re suffering from skin problems like eczema, acne, pigmentation or an overly oily complexion etc, there is now light at the end of the tunnel. Literally speaking. =D

You see, I was invited to a Spa Buffet blogger event organised by Cozycot and Spa-Lon. Once there, we were treated to an informative talk on treating various skin conditions with light. Yes, you heard me right. Light.

But wouldn’t light harm my skin? I can see you cover your precious organ (which is our largest one by the way) protectively. Well according to the Spa-Lon representative (didn’t really get his name, sorry about that), it depends on the frequency of light. Which of course contributes to the colour of light we will get.

Human skin regenerates under certain frequencies of light and different colours carry out various functions. For example, do you know that yellow light can boost natural collagen production in your skin? Or that red light kills bacteria and blue light is good for treating acne?

So how does Spa-Lon use light to treat a whole spectrum of skin conditions? By using the ATP-38, the latest breakthrough in beauty and wellness. It combines TEN therapeutic technologies to treat not only your face and body but also your hair! It all sounds very cool right?

ATP-38: The Most Powerful LED Device in the world. (According to their press release)

According to the Spa-Lon representative, this technology poses no harm to your skin because it uses LED light instead of laser ones. Laser light will destroy your first layer of skin cells so they can grow new ones. BUT, LED light penetrates your skin and encourages the cells to regenerate instead. Hence it takes on a more holistic and healing technique. This device has 3 wavelengths namely red, yellow and infrared (which is invisible).

One of the device demonstrations we were given.

Feels a little like tanning lights, huh?

Some of us managed to try out the services but due to an overwhelming turnout of bloggers, I wouldn’t be able to give you an account born from my personal experience but here are a few pictures to whet your appetite:

A blogger tries out the treatment for her eye bags...after a skin consultation of course.

The light treatment begins.

Leg therapy for eczema (She reminds me of a young friend called Korin. XD )

My new found friend at the event, Pris, tries out a treatment for her face.

And there you have it…can’t really tell you whether it works or not because we didn’t have enough time but for a real-life experience of the treatment, do check out Pris’s blog. =D

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