The $10,000 Dream Wedding

Weddings…ah…the very thought of it brings to mind the image of a blushing bride marrying the love of her life at a gorgeous venue, with bouquet in hand and perhaps a few doves flying over their heads. That is until the bills drop down upon the happily married couple like the splat of bird shit. =x

Okies, that wasn’t the most glamorous of descriptions but you get what I mean. Weddings in Singapore are expensive and overpriced to boot. There are always a million things to pay for and top up just to have that once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I’m all for a unique and unforgettable wedding myself. But not when it comes with an even more unforgettable price tag. Yes, I know people are willing to splurge on a good location, a beautiful wedding gown, a top-of-the-line photographer etc but really…I believe with a little research and shopping around, you can actually get what you want for a fraction of what you’ll usually pay. =D

I found this book that claims to reveal secrets to creating your dream wedding, all without breaking your piggy bank and going into debt after the wedding. Apparently you can spend under $10,000 and still get to have a great wedding! The book may be written for the American bride in mind but I think Singaporean brides can actually pick up a tip or two on money-saving tips from this book. It’s called “The $10,000 Dream Wedding“. It comes with a money-back guarantee anyways so if you bought and liked it, tell me all about it! =D

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