Cheep Cheap

These days, it’s all about discounts, discounts and more discounts. In fact, the more the merrier I say. Not just coz I’m perpetually the recessionista, but also because it’ll be fun to try things that are normally way out of my monthly budget! I mean how cool is that right?? =D

In fact, if you’d noticed, websites like Beeconomic and have been springing up of late. They offer up to 90% discounts off goods and services such as spa treatments, golf games and vouchers. All you have to do is sign up on their websites, purchase the deal you want within a time limit and voila! You get to enjoy all manner of goods and services at a fraction of their prices.

So recently, I logged on to Beeconomic and bought a package deal that allows FOUR people to play indoor golf for one hour at MaxSwing at the price of ONLY $1! It’s probably gonna be a short one hour but I’m gonna try it out to see if the deal is as good as it looks on paper. =)

Will update you on the ins and outs of the 1-hour indoor golf game when I go down to MaxSwing with my usual suspects. In the meantime, you might wanna check out Beeconomic’s current (at the time of post publication) promotion for its $50 spa massage (U.P. $125) at Spaboutique.’s current deal is Muay Thai at Hilltop The Gym worth $75 going for $35. Quite cool right? =3

Don’t wanna sound like a hard-sell saleswoman but you really ought to get your fingers moving and your credit card swinging if you want your paws on these deals. Hehs.

2 thoughts on “Cheep Cheap

  1. Karl Chong says:

    Hi Moon’s Revolution,

    I’m the founder and director of Beeconomic and am always keen to read about what the public has to say about us. We genuinely try to keep customers happy and interested with deals that normally would not be achieved without the sweet combination of group buying power and social media.

    Hope you enjoy the deal with MaxSwing. There’s absolutely no hidden catch. Hey, I’m a consumer too and I don’t like it when merchants catch you with something at the very end. We put up all the Fine print on the home page before you buy, and it’s just the usual stuff like the expiry date and how many coupons you can buy per person.

    We’ll be in touch on Twitter

    All the best
    Karl Chong

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