Bull’s eye

If you are like me previously and you thought that Singapore was a boring old place with nowhere to go and nothing to do except for eat and watch movies, it’s time to change that mindset of yours. Thanks to Sarahcoldheart, a fellow writer friend of mine, I now have places to go and things to do. So much so, it looks like my weekends with my bf are gonna be packed. Very packed. =x


Here is a place where you can pretend to be an atas person and golf around the 18-holed Singapore attractions. Lilliputt actually provides mini-golfing for both kids and adults via 18 holes centered around 18 attractions you can find in Singapore.

You never thought you could golf off at the airport, right?

It took us about 2.5 hours to finish the entire round of golfing holes. Of course, we did goof off a little along the way and shoot some practice balls just to perfect our swing.

There were some that were pretty challenging though, like the Haw Par Villa Hole:

You have to hit the ball through the gate into the mouth of the dragon...since it's uphill, it's quite difficult getting the ball to go up. >.<

What big jaws you have, dragon...

DM Archery:

And then there is the archery gallery at Suntec City (near the Eng Wah Cinema) where the arrows ran out all too fast (coz it was so darn fun!). Suffice to say my bf was a not bad shot and I was not. =x

I suppose if there ever is a zombie outbreak, I won’t be using archery to get rid of the brainz-guzzing fellows.

Funnily enough, I was able to shoot a smaller target using my left arm then with my right. Maybe it has something to do with me not being able to close my right eye to aim. =x

my shooting board...must...try...harder!

my bf's shooting board...

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