Puzzle Quest 2 gonna be out soon~!

This is freaking awesome~! Puzzle Quest 2 is gonna be out soon! I’m so excited about this~!

Ever since my bf introduced me to Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, I’ve been hooked on it. I managed to complete all the levels but I couldn’t defeat the final boss no matter what I did. LOL. Sigh…but anyways, I way psyched about this new game! Woot!

In case you still have no idea about how to play this awesome game, it’s one of those puzzle games where you try to defeat your enemy and gain experience points to advance through the game which follows a story plot where your homeland is being threatened by all manner of fantastical creatures. You choose your character from 4 different classes that each has its own unique skills and characteristics. It’s really fun. You guys should try it! =D

PS: Ever wanted to know what your pet is telling you? Try this Google Application~!

Gotcha~! Happy April Fool’s Day! Haha.

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