V stands for…

V stands for…

Valentine flowers and chocolates aside,

never can they portray a love,

that comes from deep within.

Treasure it well,

for a heart once broken,

can never mend again.

Vivid colours full of love,

in a goblet forged from gold.

Hold it well within thy hands,

never let it fade from sight.

Violets swaying in the wind,

scented fragrance filled my nose.

Just like love, it had me drunk.

Like the dreams I had of HIM.

Volauvent apiece? For your girl?

A pastry filled with meat galore.

Like a heart so fragile yet warm.

Just the thing for a chilly day!

Verses written for a friend,

deep from within the heart.

Not with blushes of a lover boy,

but with fondest memories of a chum.

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