May I have this dance?

Sitting by the side
watching the couples dance
Swirling in colors that
made the ballroom seem
like a dream she had
last night by the lakeside

She had flowers in her hair
the lilies of the valley
pure against the dark of her hair
adding to the roses in her cheeks
her gown was simple yet pretty
simplicity overt among peacocks

She was happy enough
just watching them dance
her feet tapping to the rhythm
of the music floating over her
then he shyly came and bowed awkwardly
“may I have this dance?” was all he asked

“Of course, you may.” she smiled sweetly
and took the hand which he offered
they danced to the strains of music
that seemed to play for them alone
a dance that seemed to last
even when the music died

“I thank you for this dance.”
was all she said as they slowed
and took a lily from her hair
“so here’s a gift for your kindness.”
he shyly took the flower offered
and with a curtsy, she took her leave

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