Terms & Conditions

Below are my updated terms and conditions that are aligned with industry standards and market demands. I’m also open to payment in kind, that is, exchange of goods and services for my writing services. However, this is only on a case-by-case basis so do email me for more details.


  • Email me as many details (number of words, estimated turnaround time, deadline, topic, etc) as possible of your project so I may provide you with an accurate quotation
  • A 50% down-payment must be made before commencement of any project
  • If a commission is to be completed within short notice of less than 3 business days, a flat fee of $50 may be added to your request

Other charges:

  • Travel and lodging expenses will be negotiated separately where necessary


  • Cancellations that are made less than two business days before the beginning of the commission will still be billed based on what has been previously agreed on
  • Commissions that take place over a series of days will only be billed within the cancellation period of 2 days


  • Payment must be made within 30 days from the invoice date
  • An additional 5% will be tagged on to late payments 14 days after due date and 7% to late payments 30 days after due date
  • Payment via cheque, Paypal and online banking are accepted


  • I require all my clients to sign a contract to ensure that all specific details of your project, agreed upon deadlines, terms of and methods of payment are correct.